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Charitable Donations

Life After Sandy for One New York Family - We the TaxExpress is overwhelmed with immense sadness about the incredible tragedy and loss of life suffered. We are proud that so many of us might have pledged generously to the various relief organizations responding to this disaster.
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Charitable Contributions or donation

Charitable Contributions or donation that was made may be deductible if the type of giving and the recipient meet tax law criteria. Keep in mind you can't deduct your charitable contributions if you don't itemize deductions. Plus, not every non-profit organization is a tax-qualified charitable organization. If you do itemize and give to a qualified charity, there are tax deductions for your donation of time, goods and/or money.

Charitable Contributing Organizer

It is very important that you have to keep track of what you give, how much amount/time you donated, to what organization and how you give it. You can use our printable Charitable Contributing Organizer to track your donations up-to-date.

IRS Charity-related Forms & Publications

Please carefully research and review a charity before making a contribution. To verify whether the organization is approved to receive tax-deductible contributions, talk to a tax professional, click here for or additional information on charitable contributions.

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